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District Sales Manager

Posted: 09/24/2023

Job Title:

Manager, District Sales

Job Code*:






Business Unit:

Field - Broadline

Supervisor’s Title:


Variable Pay:


Position Summary* describes the purpose of this position and why the job exists.

Responsible for supervising the activities of the sales staff assigned to their district. Participates in the establishment of the region’s sales plan and accountable for the sales and profitability and accounts receivable performance of their district. Functions as a team member within the department and organization, as required, and perform any duty assigned to best serve the company.

Major Functional Responsibilities lists the most important functions of the position, in order of importance with emphasis on what is required and the result to be accomplished in the position rather than how it is done.


Supervises associates to include, but not limited to: staffing, training, coaching, performance management and problem resolution. Develop and educate sales staff on product knowledge, sales techniques and company policies by developing and conducting monthly sales meetings.

Attain targeted sales as determined by business goals. Operate department and assigned personnel within budgetary guidelines.

Demonstrate awareness of customer needs and establish policies and practices to effectively meet those needs. Develop interpersonal relationships, which encourage openness, candor and trust, both internally and externally. Provide informative and professional assistance when working with the public/customers/vendors and coworkers.
Develop and educate sales staff on product knowledge, sales techniques and company policies by developing and conducting monthly sales meetings.Participate in industry organization monthly meetings. Develop and presents major account presentations. Formulate and analyze information on competition. Attend industry shows and events.

Interact with customers and vendors in a friendly, timely and quality manner; ensure customer and vendors' questions are answered accurately and in a timely manner. Manage customer's complaints, issues and emergencies.

Establish and monitor major account prospect lists. Process customer rebates and incentives.

Performs other related duties as assigned. Fiduciary Responsibility: Yes

* Denotes job posting information. JDQ-5.2011

Supervisory Responsibility: Yes If Yes, please check appropriate box(es): Direct Reports Indirect Reports
Physical and Work Environment Demands indicates what the position requires in regard to physical activities and work


Does this position require the following actions with more than 20 lbs on more than an occasional basis: Lifting Pushing Pulling Carrying Other related physical activity. If Other, please describe:

Does this position require finger and wrist manipulation (e.g., typing) and / or grasping more than 50% of the time? No If Yes, please describe:

Describe the primary work environment: Office If Other, please describe:
Percent travel required: 75%
List equipment used: Office equipment Vehicle (Non-DOT regulated) -Select- -Select- -Select- If Other, please describe: Does this position require any other physical activities that are not listed above:No If Yes, please describe:

Management Competencies describe the capacity or potential required for an associate to be effective in a current position or to be developed to be effective in a future position.



Does this position require the following actions on more than an occasional basis:
Bending Twisting Kneeling Reaching(above shoulder level) Standing Sitting Stooping Walking Crawling Climbing Other related physical activity. If Other, please describe:



Integrity and Trust Results Orientation Customer Service

Influencing Motivating Others

Driving Execution


Actively participates as a team member toward the completion of goals, taking actions that build productive team relationships and result in high quality team output; works and cooperates effectively with others to attain team objectives.
Seen as trustworthy and truthful by others; treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; expects the organization and its members to be fair and honest in all business dealings.

Focusing on improving business performance by understanding the financial implications of decisions and taking action to improve work processes.

Demonstrates the ability to understand and meet the needs of customers; both internal and external, patient, polite and helpful when trying to obtain information from customers.

Using techniques that appeal to reason, values, or emotion to generate enthusiasm for the work, commitment to task objectives, or compliance with requests.
Displaying commitment to the organization and enthusiasm for its products or services; conveying confidence in others' capabilities; appealing to others' unique needs, motives, and goals to motivate them to achieve; and celebrating others' successes and praising them for a job well-done.

Maintaining one’s determination to achieve top results for the organization; focusing people on actions that result in meeting business goals, and providing a persistent focus on quality, as well as results.


Seeks out relevant information to make accurate decisions that result in positive outcomes; makes decisions in reasonable timeframes and involves others to ensure buy-in and understanding. Determining a specific course of action by collecting relevant data, assessing the potential risks and problems, and empowering others to take action.

Managing Performance

Setting high standards regarding the quality and quantity of work; showing dissatisfaction with merely average performance; ensuring successful completion of goals and obtaining positive outcomes and results.

* Denotes job posting information. JDQ-5.2011

Experience, Education, and Certifications specifies required or preferred knowledge, skills and abilities to be effective in the position. Required is the absolute minimum necessary to perform the functions and duties of the job.

Preferred Professional Certification(s): Yes If Yes, please specify:Valid driver's license required.

Additional Comments describes any other relevant information regarding this position.



Required Education:
High School Diploma/GED or Equivalent Experience

If Other, please specify:

Preferred Education: Bachelors

If Other, please specify: Business management, sales / marketing or related area.

Required Experience: 4 - 6 Years

Please specify: Foodservice sales and team lead or supervisory experience.

Preferred Experience: 6 - 10 Years
Please specify: Foodservice sales supervisory / management.

Disclaimer: The above statements describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals em

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