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Production Workers Needed at Precoat Metals St Louis Plant 4301 South Spring Ave, St Louis, MO 63116

Posted: 08/27/2023

St. Louis Plant at 4301 S Spring Ave St. Louis MO 63116

Production Workers 

The Production Workers are the designated assistants for the preparation of materials for pre and post - production processes, as well as routine maintenance of line equipment, buildings and grounds.  They are called upon to assist with, and may be assigned work in, any area of the plant, including coating lines, shear operation, shipping, receiving, paint vault, and packaging.
Essential Job Functions:
Retrieves and transports bare coils and maintains flow of metal to lines by safely operating cranes, forklifts, and upenders without damaging material or equipment.
Inspects forklift prior to operating and reports problems to maintenance.
Weighs bare and coated coils.
Trims, packages and bands finished coils according to customer specifications and Precoat OD cleanliness standards, using proper skids, bands, pads, and wrapping materials.
Identifies coils by applying correct tags.
Visually inspects coils and table samples and identifies and reports defects.
Inspects crane cables, hoists, hooks, and chains and reports problems to maintenance.
Reads and interprets production schedules.
Accurately identifies coil direction, and proper skid and packaging specified on schedules.
Uses various hand tools to perform tasks such as banding, cleaning floors, etc.
Operates core cutting equipment.
Verifies core length, aligns core and places core onto arbor.
Operates manual or electric shears to trim steel coils.
Reads and accurately records coil weights, order numbers, etc.
Measures OD of coils using a calibrated rule
Maintains clean and organized work area according to 5S standards.
Loads or unloads received or shipped coils onto or off of trucks.
Places bare or coated coils in proper storage locations
Transports drums of paints and solvents to and from coating rooms and paint vault without damaging material
Assists line operators with stitching coil strips together.
If designated, performs final inspection and coil identity certification of packaged finished coils. 
Other Duties and Responsibilities:
Actively participates in adhering to plant housekeeping requirements by picking up trash, sweeping work areas, and returning materials and equipment to their proper locations.
Assists Littell Shear Operator in packaging, transporting, and storing cut-to-length sheets.
Assists maintenance (when specialized maintenance skills are not required) with line repairs.
Understands and utilizes FIFO procedures in connection with paints, laminates and other materials.
Assists in maintaining orderly storage of paints and other materials.

Places scrap metal and packaging materials into trash receptacles
Operates trash compactor.
Operates air wrench to remove drum lids.
Adheres to all safety and work rules.
Adheres to and follows job specific SOPs.
Assists and trains new employees.
Maintains regular and on-time attendance.
Reads and comprehends instructions regarding new equipment, equipment changes and/or procedural changes.
Performs miscellaneous assignments as directed.
Operations Support Personnel may be required to load hazardous materials or wastes onto transport vehicles. 
Critical Demands:
Hand, eye and feet coordination to operate fork trucks.

Squat, kneel or stoop frequently to perform job duties.
Reach or extend forward for long periods of time to perform job duties.

Ability to read and comprehend written materials such as schedules, SOPs, work rules, etc.
Ability to comprehend and follow oral instructions.
Frequently lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
Walk or stand for extended periods of time.
Stamina to work in extreme temperatures.
Ascend and descend stairs to reach all areas of plant.
Perform work from ladders or platforms at various heights.
Dexterity to operate computers in order to enter or retrieve information.
Communicate verbally or in writing with others. 
Tools and Equipment Used:
Fork trucks, propane and electric
Overhead cranes
Coil Tippers
Jib crane
Semi-automatic banding equipment
Various small hand tools
Power saw
Core cutter
Shears and knives
Personal protective equipment
Work Environment:
Periodic temperature extremes, including temperatures over 90 degrees.
Some work areas located on 2nd or 3rd floor.
Concrete or asphalt floors 
Exposure to high levels of noise
Exposure to dust
Periodic exposure to fumes from paints and chemicals used in coating processes. 

Job Requirements:
High school level reading and writing, visual acuity to read labels, meters, gauges, documents and instructions.
Six months work experience in an industrial or warehouse environment with forklifts
Ability to safely operate small manual and electric hand tools.
Available to work up to 12 hours per day on rotating shifts, that could include weekends and holidays.

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