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Hispanic Specialist

Posted: 09/28/2023

Position Summary* describes the purpose of this position and why the job exists.

Responsible for building customer loyalty and trust by becoming a true partner in their business. Partner through menu redesign, employee training and development of promotion and merchandising programs. Responsible for controlled brand sales, customer training, advertising, promotions, participation in food shows, brand product selection, customer events and brand profitability. Functions as a team member within the department and organization, as required, and performs any duty assigned to best serve the company.

Major Functional Responsibilities lists the most important functions of the position, in order of importance with emphasis on what is required and the result to be accomplished in the position rather than how it is done.


Successfully implement brand marketing programs as measured by favorable company financial performance. Attain targeted sales as determined by business goals. Serve as business consultant for customers in an effort to build customer loyalty and promote sales.

Perform competitive brand product cuttings.

Guide local supplier and broker support in proper communication of brands. Gather brands feedback from sales and operators and communicate to PFG headquarters.

Identify potential significant users of brand items and conduct presentations to the customers.

Work with sales, marketing and purchasing to maintain proper Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) balance of products while focusing efforts to grow branded sales. Communicate quality issues and/or competitive product information.

May design customer menus. Develop new ideas for customers. May cook for special customer events. Evaluate food and labor costs savings through observation.

Conduct in-house training seminars for Area Managers (AM) and sales management. Provide training for customers, as needed. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Fiduciary Responsibility: No

*Denotes job posting information. JDQ 5.2011



Supervisory Responsibility: No If yes, please check appropriate box(es): Direct Reports Indirect Reports
Physical and Work Environment Demands indicates what the position requires in regard to physical activities and work


Does this position require the following actions with more than 20 lbs on more than an occasional basis: Lifting Pushing Pulling Carrying Other related physical activity. If Other, please describe:

Does this position require finger and wrist manipulation (e.g., typing) and / or grasping more than 50% of the time? Yes If Yes, please describe: Keyboarding / kitchen hand tools

Describe the primary work environment: Office If Other, please describe:
Percent travel required: Negligible
List equipment used: Office equipment -Select- -Select- -Select- If Other, please describe:

Does this position require any other physical activities that are not listed above:No If Yes, please describe:

Professional Competencies describe the capacity or potential required for an associate to be effective in a current position or to be developed to be effective in a future position.

Does this position require the following actions on more than an occasional basis:
Bending Twisting Kneeling Reaching(above shoulder level) Standing Sitting Stooping Walking Crawling Climbing Other related physical activity. If Other, please describe:



Integrity and Trust Results Orientation Customer Service Self-Confidence Negotiation Skills

Goal Setting

Initiative and Self-Motivation Judgment and Analysis


Actively participates as a team member toward the completion of goals, taking actions that build productive team relationships and result in high quality team output; works and cooperates effectively with others to attain team objectives.
Seen as trustworthy and truthful by others; treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; expects the organization and its members to be fair and honest in all business dealings.

Focusing on improving business performance by understanding the financial implications of decisions and taking action to improve work processes.

Demonstrates the ability to understand and meet the needs of customers; both internal and external, patient, polite and helpful when trying to obtain information from customers.
Expresses confidence in own ability to meet demanding standards and expects others to have similar high standards. Willingly takes on challenging situations that tax an individual's expertise.

Able to persuade others to take action; able to communicate how suggested actions will benefit the other party; enjoys selling; comfortable using negotiating techniques; likes to change other people’s views.
Able to define specific goals; able to prioritize objectives; initiates goal setting; prepares well in advance; plans and prioritizes work while being sensitive to time constraints and resource availability; sets ambitious goals.

Able to start and persist with specific courses of action with no supervision or without having someone tell him or her what to do and when.

Drawing correct and realistic conclusions based on data and information; probing for missing information that is relevant to a decision; evaluating alternatives before making a decision or taking action; encouraging input from others when it is appropriate; and evaluating the effectiveness of

*Denotes job posting information.

JDQ 5.2011

decisions after they are made.



Experience, Education, and Certifications specifies required or preferred knowledge, skills and abilities to be effective in the position. Required is the absolute minimum necessary to perform the functions and duties of the job.

Preferred Professional Certification(s): No If Yes, please specify:

Additional Comments describes any other relevant information regarding this position.

Required Education:
High School Diploma/GED or Equivalent Experience

If Other, please specify:

Preferred Education: Bachelors

If Other, please specify: Culinary Arts, Hotel/Restaurant Management or related area

Required Experience: 4 - 6 Years

Please specify: Culinary Arts, Hotel/Restaurant Management, sales/marketing or related area

Preferred Experience: -Select- Please specify:

Disclaimer: The above statements describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals employed in this position. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required in this position. Also, the job may change as the business changes or customer need changes or may vary somewhat from location to location. Management retains the right, authority and discretion to add or change the duties of the position at any time. Associates must learn and observe applicable company policies and safe practices, as well as perform all duties assigned by supervisors. This job description does not constitute an employment contract.

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