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Station Mechanic

Posted: 04/07/2024

Station Mechanic



Full-time employment opportunity as an Auto and Diesel Technician with a dynamic and multi-faceted resource for economic development in the St. Louis region.

About Us


Since 1950, we have partnered with private and public organizations on hundreds of projects that have created thousands of jobs on both sides of the Mississippi River.


BSD operates with a focus on making a positive impact on the region and the nation, better connecting the Bi-State area to the rest of the world. We are impacting neighborhoods, large and small, in Illinois and in Missouri, with investments that are shaped by our unique perspective of the region and its potential.


Why Work Here


  • Work for a company that strives to make a positive impact in the region
  • Earn competitive wage
  • Gym Discounts with Club Fitness and OneLife Fitness at Ballpark Village
  • 24 hour access to our 9 onsite gyms
  • Wellness program that provides free health screenings
  • Discounted Cell Phone service
  • Free MetroLink and MetroBus access
  • Medical, Dental, Vision coverage
  • Your Birthday is a floating holiday
  • Uniform allowance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Bi-State Development is an eligible employer the for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Available


The Role


A station mechanic is responsible for diagnosing, repairing and verifying repairs on a fleet of Metro transit buses.  Possible candidates must be proficient in the diagnosis of engines, transmissions/drivelines, air brakes and steering/suspension systems as well as a competent understanding of electrical systems.  Other responsibilities include performing and documenting inspections, listing any defects found and repairing defects.  Candidates must be able to effectively communicate specific details about diagnosis and repairs made to the buses.  Metro is an industry leader in operations and on-time performance, and is internationally recognized for its comprehensive maintenance program.


Starting Wage: $28.92




  • Able to skillfully perform all duties or other work required in the station shop maintenance program, including minor repairs to seat cushions and seat backs, relining brakes, replacement of differentials, and transmissions.
  • Capable of doing high-precision work.
  • Must be able to read diagrams, interpret drawings and shop manuals pertaining to buses.
  • Must be able to perform skillfully and intelligently all operations required to perform all inspection for all types of buses following written instructions.
  • Able to diagnose problems in electrical circuits, make adjustments to or replace electrical components, such as voltage regulators, relays, make minor repairs to single purpose electrical wiring not requiring major overhaul of main circuits, and electrical components including soldering wires.
  • Able to make adjustments and replacements or minor repairs to hoses, brake components, chassis, air and hydraulic components and changing of mounted tires.
  • Able to make repairs to spindle kingpins or bushings and replace steering box and components;
  • Able to make adjustments, replacement of parts and components, and repairs to air conditioning units not requiring tear down and rebuilding of components.
  • Able to perform body replacements such as radiator, transmission, surge tanks, engine, a/c/evaporator, and passenger doors, but all repairs to such doors shall be made in the main shop.
  • Able to perform temporary body patch type repairs not requiring body disassembles and elimination of sharp edges.


Tools will be provided by the agency to do this minor work.  Paint work will be restricted to touch up associated with minor body work above and steering wheels, step wells, wheels, bumpers and reflectors;


  • Able to replace side and rear glass or framed glass units but not repair of frames or curved glass
  • Engine adjustments will be limited to attached units such as oil pans, diesel injectors, and setting of the valves
  • Welding in the station shops shall be limited to welding necessary to change components and welding required to maintain the safety of vehicles and secure body tears, until permanent repairs can be made.  Only employees who have been trained will be required to perform such welding.
  • All employees in this classification will be required to make road calls or exchanges when employees regularly assigned road calls and/or exchange work are not available.




Degree: High School or GED, Technical Degree Preferred

Years5+ years

Field: Automotive or Diesel Technology

Filed: Automotive or Diesel Technology



Must be a least 21 years of age, able to pass a drug & alcohol screen, and able to obtain the required DOT certification.



Applicants may apply online at


Bi-State Development is committed to providing an Equal Employment Opportunity experience for all employees, applicants, vendors and customers with an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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